How To Get The Best Group Photo

Photography Basics: How To Get The Best Group Photo


When dealing with photography, chances are their will be events that will call upon a group of people being photoed. Whether this be a graduation ceremony, a wedding, or any other instances in which a large amount of people come together, many different events call upon more than two people being photographed. While some may think taking pictures of groups is not difficult, for many it is hard to produce the right picture of a group for several reasons. Whether it be positioning the group, or it deals with the lighting of the scene, many reasons can make group photography very frustrating and difficult. If you are wondering of how to get the best group photo, absence of blurriness or contrast issues, then these are three tips on getting the best group picture.


Three Tips On Getting The Best Group Photo


  1. Pick The Right Location– Many good group photos depend on the location of the photo, so you should make sure you pick the right location when photographing the target group. The right location isn’t always easy to find, as many different events will have opposing locations. If you are shooting a picture for a basketball team, chances are you are going to get a picture of them in the action, near the court or hoop. A wedding, on the other hand, would be best near a beautiful scenic spot, or near the ceremony pieces. The right location should be out in the open, but not in front of any barriers like windows or walls. If the event occurs during the night, it is especially important that you don’t shoot near a window or a mirror, as the flash can reflect, causing the picture to be mediocre at best. For night, use the flash on the camera, but make sure you get close to the group. For day time, make sure you can get near a shadow, as the sun will provide enough natural light for the shot.
  2. Position– Positioning the people for the right shot isn’t hard, but you may have to be a little authoritative. A good rule when it comes time for positioning the group is having the tallest people in the back, the shortest in the front. This will allow everyone to be seen in the photo, without blockage by anyone. Tell them to keep their chins down, smile, and keep the distance between the back and front row at as small as possible without crowding them. If you are centering in on important people (man and wife at wedding, MVP of game, etc.) put them in the center of the photograph, and allow the camera to focus on them more than the other people.
  3. Take Multiple Shots– This is the easiest step, as practice makes perfect with camera work. By taking many shots, you will eventually be able to get a clear picture, that is good enough to represent the group. Take 5-10 shots of the event, switching up the angel and stance with each shot in order to get a better picture.