The Right Individual Headshot

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Photography Basics: Getting The Right Individual Headshot


Though it may seem simple, getting a individual headshot of someone does take some degree of skill. While anyone can get a simple picture, it is hard to get a quality picture of someone, because many things can affect the process of getting it. When you take a picture, you have to worry about lighting, positioning, and many other things that you will have to deal with before the shot. Headshots typically focus on the face exclusively, though some portrait photographs may include the rest of the body. If you are wondering on how you can get the best headshot possible of someone, here are three tips in making the process easier.


Three Tips For The Best Headshot


  1. Get The Right Angle– As with other photos, the angel during the taking of the picture is very important. If your angel is too wide, or too narrow, the picture could be very wide or very skinny. The best angle will depend upon the surroundings, though angel patterns typically remain constant for most circumstances. According to, the gender of the person will also affect the angel. For women, the angel should be downward to highlight feminism looks. whilst downward for the men to highlight their masculinity.
  2. Focus Correctly– Focusing the picture is also important for the headshot, as the focus will affect the clarity of the picture. You should center the focus around the eyes, as the sharpness of the eyes will reflect upon the rest of the face. Make sure you have a appropriate lense for the shot, 90mm and above is usually pretty standard for headshots. The lens will help with the focus, and it will allow to bring the face out of the background.
  3. Take The Picture– Once you have the right focus, and you have gotten the correct angle, it is time to take the shot. Since people aren’t able to see their faces during the picture, you will have to guide their expression for the shot, making it appropriate for the type of photo. It is a formal picture, the best expression is usually serious, or by having a light smile. The best way to change the expression of the person, without making an “artificial” look, is by guiding them through natural conversation. If the expression should be a smile, crack a joke or something, if are going serious, maybe ask a thought provoking question. This way you can get a good expression, without it looking fake in the picture.