Photography Business: without People Skills is Dead!

People skills count exponentially:  Miss this and you are dead in the water.


Overall it is really important to figure out exactly what your personality type is and how it relates to other personality types out in the world. Most’ve never really taken much time to learn about this.

The goal of this article is to tell you a little bit about it and the importance of understanding personality type and what you can glean out of learning about them.

Just as there’s different races in different languages, so our personalities tend to shape who we are and who we hang out with.

You’ve probably heard of the four personality types which are melancholy, choleric, phlegmatic, and sanguine.

But chances are you don’t know how they play out in the world. For example many of the professors out there or actually melancholy.  Or did you know that a lot of sales people are sanguine? They tend to be the more outgoing ones.

But then you have a choleric like Steve Jobs who can basically dominate the world. They are the hard driven individuals that run fortune 500 “companies.

I’d highly recommend that you do some research and find out exactly what you are and what personality types make up the people that you hang out with.  You can check out this site to see where you rank.

It will give you some insight into how they tick.

You may not realize that most movies and cartoons are made up of individuals who fit into these personality types. For example Winnie the Pooh is set up with ER who tends to be the phlegmatic one and then you have tigger who is the Sanguin. I’ll let you decide who everybody else’s.

But when you look at the world through this lens you realize there are so many different personalities and personality types to work with. It really helps if you can learn what their dominant traits are so that in a conversation you can understand the importance of certain characteristics of what they’re looking for in a photographer.

When I get in a business meeting,  I basically listen to people so that I can determine what type of personality they have and then sort of relate to them on that level.

Recently I needed some help moving some items. I called and spoke to the owner of a company, and he seemed to be able to hone in on my personality type. We got along great. He later told me that on the side, he was studying psychology. LOL

The other thing that is ultra important relating to great people skills is the ability to listen. And most of us think that we listen really really well. However, that’s not really true. As a matter of fact it has been proven that if you are the type of individual that already shouts from the rooftops how good you listen then you probably need to learn how to listen.

Yes, I did just say that. I hope I didn’t offend anybody. My point is really that you are never done with this thing or learning to listen.

One of the best expressions I’ve heard for this is to listen for the gold. Try to listen for the things that are so important to the individual that they ring through in many many sentences.  This will help you connect with them.

If you can connect with them on those “important” things then it’ll help you. And your relationship.

I had a discussion with a young woman who told me that she loves screenwriting. She told me that she loved the TV show the “office.” She told me all about how the writers developed the characters and how they built everything from the bottom up.

If you have never seen the office, you can check it out here:


(photo credit: Google “tv show office”)

I had never understood what went into that but by listening to her tell me the story, not only did I increase my understanding, but I made a friend for life.

I hope this article helps you in your business and people skills.

Macro Shots

Photography Basics: Getting The Best Small Picture Shot


When someone is photographing something, there are many things that they need to worry of, in order to get the right picture. The focus, positioning, as well as lighting are all important during the picture, so you have many things you need to take care of before you take the picture. A difficulty for many people, understandably, is photographing small objects. Whether this be for an ebay ad, small plates of food, or other insect pictures, many times call for small photography. Here are three tips in getting the best small picture shot, in order to scale it to size for whatever need you have.


Three Tips On Getting The Best “Macro Shot”


When you photograph smaller things, in order to make them appear bigger in the photo, you are doing what is called “macro” photography. Macro photography is best for representing smaller photos, into larger life size pictures. These are three tips in doing such a thing.


  1. Camera Setup- While it impossible to explain each camera’s setting properties, most cameras run like in their set up for macro pictures. For compact cameras, according to, this setting is represented as a flower icon. This mode does not work for SLR digital cameras, however, as this will actually work in the opposite way, and the picture will not be focused in. The best cameras are those attached to tripods, as they can be focused in without any interruption.
  2. Have A Solid Background- The background of the picture should not be cluttered or any pattern that is not a solid color. The background should be a neutral color, with white being the best option, though you can also use grey and black colors. The background should be completely clear off anything that may interfere with the shot. If you have trouble finding a backdrop, using a poster board that is bent inwards is a good option for a background.
  3. Take The Picture- When you have a background picked out, and you have set your camera up accordingly, it is time to take the shot. Center in as best as you can on the item or object, making sure to get as little of the background as possible. Some cameras have medium and high settings, if they have this option, select the highest output. This will make it a better resolution, which will give the picture a better definition. Once you have the focus set in you can take the shot. You should aim for 5-10 pictures, so you get better pictures, alternating the angles with each shot.


Check back with me soon. I have been so busy that I haven’t gotten my blog going the way I wanted to. Stay tuned. I’ve got more coming.